The prospects of dairy enterprises of the Russian Federation will be discussed at the Summer Dairy Summit

Источник: The DairyNews
The consequences of the covid-crisis for the industry and the development of regional dairy enterprises will be discussed at the Summer Dairy Summit in Novorossiysk, reports The DairyNews.

The summit, which will take place on May 24 on the first day of the business program of the XII Dairy Olympics, is divided into two thematic blocks: "Seeing the Future" and "Dairy Geography".

In the first part of the Summer Dairy Summit, experts of the Russian and international markets will discuss the following topics:

- Faces of the crisis. How was it and how it will be.

- From importers to exporters? Prospects for the development of the Russian dairy market

- Parts of the whole. The dairy industry as a supplier of ingredients for other industries.

- Homo Novus. Transformation of forms of consumption and consumer preferences

- "Yandexation" and "Sberization" of the food market

In the second block, the experts of the Dairy Olympics will present the following topics:

- The competition of countries-exporters of dairy products for markets

- Common boiler. Dairy market of the EAEU countries

- Asian markets as ideal importers?

- To return the position. The prospects for trade in dairy products with African countries - old friends. Serbia as a new Belarus?

Ekaterina Zakharova, a leading analyst at the Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA), notes: ‘The future of the Russian market is in the development of dairy exports. According to DIA estimates, milk production will continue to grow in the coming years, and consumption is likely to stagnate or lag behind the growth rate of production. We are sure that the enterprises of the industry should not focus their attention exclusively in the direction of the Chinese market and turn it to the CIS countries, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, promising markets in Africa with high population growth dynamics.’

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