The productivity of Molvest increased by 4.5% on average in 2020

Источник: The DairyNews
In a number of areas, the productivity of Molvest increased from 7% to 13%, an average of about 4.5%. General Director of the holding Anatoly Losev stated this in an interview with The DairyNews.

‘We continue our project on production of dry ingredients, we hope to reach 100% of productivity in the next month. The production of cheese and butter, cream, and UHT milk increased. As for the operating modes of enterprises, COVID-19 has affected our employees: office employees work remotely, about half of the staff. We can't afford it in production, so we have introduced strict quarantine measures to reduce the risks of COVID spread,’ he added.

Anatoly Losev also noted that another achievement of the current year was the shipment of a batch of pelleted alfalfa to the Czech Republic. The transaction took place with the participation of the Association of Hay and Feed Producers and Exporters. In total, 275 tons of alfalfa were sent to the Czech Republic.

‘Export plans were made at the beginning of the year, primarily for dry ingredients and cheeses, but due to lockdowns and quarantines around the world, all these plans were not fulfilled. All countries were closed, the movement of goods was restricted, and the movement of people was prohibited. Now the situation has started to change a little for the better, we hope that by the end of the year we will ship to China what we planned. We export whole-milk products to the nearest neighboring countries - Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan,’ Anatoly Losev said.

Earlier, he reported that the lockdown affected the habitual lifestyle of the consumer.

В России наметилась устойчивая тенденция сокращения поголовья коров: их количество снижается ежегодно, а в 2023 году достигло исторического минимума. The DairyNews обсудил с экспертами отрасли причины уменьшения молочного стада в России. Участники рынка поделились мнением о происходящем и рассказали, как избежать катастрофических последствий для производства молока, молочных продуктов и говядины.
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