The production volume at the construction site of Bobrovsky cheese factory will be 25 thousand tons

Источник: The DairyNews
The Department of Agrarian Policy of Voronezh region reported that when reaching the maximum capacity, the production volume at the site under construction of LLC Bobrovsky cheese factory’ will be 25 thousand tons, writes The DairyNews.

The Department reported that the construction of four large agro-projects continues in the region.

One of them is LLC Bobrovsky cheese factory, which is building a new enterprise for the production of semi-hard cheeses. The ministry noted that the project provides further improvement of recipes and production technologies, expansion of the range and maximum satisfaction of consumer demand.

‘The volume of investments under the project will be about 2 billion rubles, the volume of products produced annually: semi-hard and hard cheeses, whey powder - when reaching the maximum capacity will be 25 thousand tons. The volume of milk processing - 165 thousand tons per year,’ said in the Department.

The plant was built in 1989 and privatized in the early 1990s. LLC Bobrovsky cheese factory started its activity in 2005 under the management of the German company DMK International. The production facilities are located on an area of 4.3 hectares.

According to the Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA), in 2017, the reconstruction of the plant was completed, allowing to double the production capacity of the enterprise 2 times: up to 11 thousand 500 tons of semi-hard cheese per year. In 2018, it was planned to invest about 130 million rubles in the modernization of production, which allowed to produce an additional 2,900 tons of cheese per year.

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