The pandemic has disrupted the food export chain – Ilya Strokin

Источник: The DairyNews
Within the framework of the strategic session "Russian agroeksport 2020 – 2021" organized by the Federal Center Agroexport, Director of the Centre of excellence in agriculture, JSC KPMG Ilya Strokin said that the pandemic has not affected the demand for food.

The expert stressed that consumer preferences are changing, but the volume of retail sales has not changed significantly, reports The DairyNews.

As the analyst noted, the demand for fresh food increased in stores at home, but decreased in hypermarkets. This is due to the fact that people have become less likely to go to stores where a lot of people gather, and less likely to buy products in packaging, paying more attention to health. According to Ilya Strokin, in China, for example, people are beginning to appreciate products for their positive effect on immunity.

The expert spoke about the main export trends that emerged under the influence of the pandemic. These are universal trends that apply to all markets. Thus, the pandemic has seriously disrupted the food supply chain, because it remains important for countries around the world to provide food to their state in the face of border closures.

- The consumer has changed. This must be understood. Today it is necessary to make such products that appeal to the consumer, - said Ilya Strokin.

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