The new composition of the Government will be known in the next three weeks

Источник: The DairyNews
On January 15, the full Government of the Russian Federation resigned. This statement was made by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev immediately after Vladimir Putin's Address to the Federal Assembly.

The President spoke about the provision of hot meals to schoolchildren, about recycling of packaging and producer responsibility, about the reform of control and supervisory activities. And also proposed a number of significant changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, reports The DairyNews.

After announcing the decision to dismiss the Government, Vladimir Putin instructed the old staff to perform their duties until the new government was appointed. "I hope that we will see you soon. I will meet each of you", he said.

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, a proposal for a new Prime Minister must be submitted no later than two weeks after the resignation of the government of the Russian Federation. No later than one week after the appointment, the Prime Minister must submit proposals to the President on the structure of Federal Executive bodies. It is clearly known that Dmitry Medvedev can become the Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Currently, the Head of the Security Council is the President.

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Роскачество обнаружило фальсификат сыра в половине проверенных пицц «Маргарита» в известных российских торговых сетях и пиццериях. The DairyNews спросили участников отрасли, почему производители не сообщают об использовании сырных аналогов при изготовлении пиццы и что с этим делать.
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