The Ministry of industry and trade stated that the labeling of milk practically does not affect the quality of packaging

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Labeling of dairy products practically does not affect the quality of packaging and productivity. This was stated by Oleg Tukhvatullin, Deputy Director of the Department of digital product labeling and product turnover legalization of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, during the online conference "Technical regulation and digital labeling", writes The DairyNews with reference to TASS information.

According to him, such conclusions were made due to the results of testing participants in the experiment on labeling of dairy products.

- Due to the work carried out by the CATD at the sites of active participants in the experiment, we already have the results of testing on the application and reading of identification tools, as well as the results of testing the movement of labeled products along the distribution chain. According to the results of testing at the production stage, because of the introduction of the labeling system, a decrease in productivity and an increase in the percentage of defects in individual consumer packages of dairy products at the serialization and aggregation stage were recorded only in some cases. Basically, the results showed positive measurements of these values,’ Tukhvatullin said.

He also noted that the surest way to get rid of fears and avoid problems in the future is to join the experiment that is currently being conducted.

- It is necessary to start a dialogue with the operator and in advance, before the requirements for mandatory labeling enter force, start working, do not postpone everything until the last moment, - he added.

Earlier, we reported that the Ministry of industry and trade proposed new stages for introducing labeling of dairy products in the Russian Federation.

According to the Director of Ufa city dairy plant, the introduction of labeling can increase the cost of packaging for dairy products six times.

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