The Ministry of Agriculture intends to introduce subsidies for milk processors

Источник: The DairyNews
The Ministry of Agriculture intends to introduce subsidies for a ton of processed milk for plants that process milk from cattle, goats and sheep, writes The DairyNews.

The corresponding document "On amendments to Annex No. 8 to the State Program for the development of agriculture and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation No. 717 of July 14, 2012" is posted on the website of regulatory legal acts.

Subsidies are intended for agricultural producers, with the exception of citizens who have personal subsidiary farms, and agricultural credit consumer cooperatives, as well as organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the production, primary and (or) subsequent processing of raw milk.

The purpose of the subsidy is to ensure an increase in the volume of raw cattle, goat and sheep milk processed by the recipients of funds for food products for the reporting year in relation to the previous year, at the rate of 1 ton of processed milk.

You can view the draft document here

Funds for subsidies in the area proposed by the agency will be allocated fr om the current budget lim it.


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