The liter index from DIA: The salary of Russians in liters

Источник: The DairyNews
The Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA) has developed a "liquid" indicator of the purchasing power of Russians, the liter index.

DIA analysts based on Rosstat data on the monthly nominal salary of Russians and prices for drinking milk (whole, pasteurized, with a fat content of 2.5-3.2%), mineral and drinking water, and table grape wine up to 14% calculated the liter index. The liter index is the volume of drinking milk, water and wine in liters per month that Russians can buy on a salary.

If we convert the nominal salary of Russians for October 2020 into liters, we will get 844.2 liters of drinking milk (0.17% more than in September 2020 and 2.9% higher than in October 2019) or 1410.9 liters of drinking water (0.5% more than in September 2020 and 1.12% more than in October 2019) or 112.6 liters of wine (0.16% more than in September 2020 and 0.5% more than in October 2019). In addition, the analysts of the Agency calculated how many liters of raw milk can be bought for a nominal salary per month based on the Dairy Index DIA, the index of a liter of raw milk was 1768 (0.9% lower than in September 2020 and 0.15% lower than in October 2019).

индекс литра окт 2019-2020.jpg

The growth of the Index in October 2020 was due to an increase in nominal salary, while the prices of these products also increased. The only exception was the raw milk index calculated based on the Dairy Index DIA, since the increase in the price of raw milk was higher than the increase in nominal salary.

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