The limited partnership “Syr Starodubsky” is in the home stretch for the launch of modern sewage treatment plants

Источник: The DairyNews
Natalia Mokrousova, Deputy Director for Production and Commercial Activities of the limited partnership “ Syr Starodubsky”, told The Dairy News that work on the introduction of a new cleaning system at the enterprise is in the final stage.

‘At the moment, the plant is almost at the finish line of launching the best, most expensive cleaning system. There is no analogue to it in Russia so far. We will announce the details later,’ Natalia Mokrousova said.

Earlier, Governor of Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz categorically spoke out against the the limited partnership "Syr Starodubsky" because of the poor performance of treatment facilities. He claimed that the company drains the waists into the local river.

Natalia Mokrousova denied this information.

According to the Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA), the company processes about 200 thousand tons of raw milk per year.

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