The growth in demand for dairy products in the coming days will be associated with the May holidays and Easter – Ruzskoe moloko

Источник: The DairyNews
Anna Boyko, Deputy General Director of JSC Ruzskoe Moloko for communications, believes that during the May holidays, dairy products necessary for making Easter cakes will be the most popular, writes The DairyNews.

The expert noted that the company would continue operating normally during the long holiday weekend.

‘Our company consists of different divisions, and among them the main part are workers on farms and at the dairy plant. In addition, there are operators, warehouse employees, shop assistants. These people will work, as always, seven days a week, because we cannot stop production, shipments or sales. Other employees who are not directly connected with production and sales will have a rest from May 1 to May 10,’ Anna Boyko said.

As for the demand for dairy products during the May holidays, the expert notes its possible increase. In her opinion, this will be due to the fact that most residents of our country will spend the weekend with their families, as due to the epidemiological situation, a small percentage of Russians will go on vacation.

Anna Boyko noted that it is too early to say which dairy products will be most popular during the May holidays. At the same time, she added that the simultaneous start of the holiday weekend and the celebration of Easter will have a positive impact on the growth of dairy consumption.

‘Of course, the second most important Easter dish after the cake - cottage cheese paskha - will certainly be in demand. I mean our Ruzskaya paskha, which we make traditionally for the Bright Holiday, still the only ones among our colleagues. For the rest, we think that all products will be in the same demand as before, however the emphasis may be shifted to cottage cheese, butter and milk - the products necessary for making Easter cake. Taking into account the fact that hot weather is not forecasted, I think dairy products will remain in demand. Consumption is usually reduced in the hot season of summer,’ concluded the expert.

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