The genetic project ranked animals by six traits – Olga Abramova

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The Minister of agriculture of Udmurtia Olga Abramova in the comments to The DairyNews reported that the genetic project for the formation of a regional index of breeding value of animals allowed to rank them by six traits.

According to Olga Abramova, this was the first step in the formation of a comprehensive index of the breeding value of animals.

‘To date, we have formed a database, and animals are ranked by six traits, which is the first step in forming a comprehensive index of breeding value. Now we have indicators of milk yield, fat and protein in kilograms and percentages, as well as longevity of animals in months – these are the key and most important indicators for which in the future we would like to do selection, form a calving herd, and then work on breeding and genetics on the territory of the Udmurt Republic,’ Olga Abramova stressed.

The head of the Ministry of agriculture of Udmurtia explained that the project on the formation of the regional index of breeding value of animals is long-term, as it concerns animal genetics and is aimed at forming the principles of breeding work in the region. The productivity of animals and the physical processes of life are significantly affected by the natural and climatic conditions in which these animals are raised, and this factor cannot be excluded.

‘The project to create a regional index of the breeding value of animals is planned for five years. To date, our database contains 7,163 unique genotypes, in fact, more than 200 samples were taken. During the final analysis, we identified two samples from the same cow, that is, not unique samples. This livestock was created with the participation of eight agricultural organizations and one artificial insemination station,’ Olga Abramova said.

In 2022-2024, the project database will be updated, and by the end of 2024, according to Olga Abramova, a regional comprehensive index of the breeding value of animals should be formed for seven traits, each of which includes a number of specific parameters. All these years, the project managers intend to accumulate a database in order to maximize the accuracy of genomic estimates.

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