The first robotic dairy farm has started operating in Saratov region

Источник: The DairyNews
The first robotic dairy farm has started operating in Saratov region. It is located in the village Novye Vyselki, in Kalininsk district. Governor Valery Radaev got acquainted with its work, reported in the press service of the regional government to The DairyNews.

The new innovative production was created on the basis of the agricultural artel (collective farm) Novye Vyselki - one of the largest agricultural producers in Kalininsk district. The farm specializes in crop production and animal husbandry; it employs almost 100 people.

A new robotic farm was created in 2020. The cost of the project amounted to 90.8 million rubles. The reconstruction of the premises for 130 cows was carried out, modern equipment was installed, including two milking robots. 102 animals of pedigree breeds were purchased for the new farm.

The goal of the project is to increase the production of animals, replace manual labor with automated systems, and increase labor productivity. In addition, the robot immediately analyzes the quality of milk during the milking process. One machine can milk up to 55 cows.

‘Director Alexander Ishchenko and his team have made a step forward in animal husbandry. This is the first robotic farm in Saratov region. Processes in agriculture are automated, and technology provides great support to humans. The whole farm works in an automated mode, this is a modern approach. Before its construction, the director looked at several such facilities in different regions, and chose the best option. The experience should be passed on to other farms. Now we have two more similar projects being prepared for launch,’ said Valery Radaev.

Director of the collective farm Novye Vyselki Alexander Ishchenko said: ‘Our goal is to produce environmentally friendly milk, and bring it to the population. We built a new cowshed with equipment within 6 months. Of course, a robot is not a complete replacement for a human, but heavy manual labor is automated. Young people work a lot. The entire farm can be managed over the Internet. And in the future, we plan to install dairy plants and a craft cheese factory.’

Director of the new farm, Andrey Bogomolov, said: ‘This is the first farm in the region equipped with robots. We specially took new cows for this complex, which are not used to non-automated milking yet. Now the animals have started to get used to robots, now 15 animals are being milked, and in the future - all 130 cows.’

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