The Dairy Union has proposed to postpone the start of mandatory milk labeling

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Director of the Union Lyudmila Manitskaya said that the labeling was proposed to start in June 2021

The Russian Dairy Union has proposed to postpone the start of mandatory milk labeling to a later date - June 1, 2021. This was announced by the Director of the Dairy Union of Russia Lyudmila Manitskaya on Monday during the online conference "Technical regulation and digital labeling".

‘We all know that labeling is provided by the Federal law on trade and the relevant orders of the government of the Russian Federation. Our proposal is to start mandatory transmission of information to the system about the introduction of dairy products into circulation since June 1, 2021, and not since May, as previously planned. It is also proposed to move to a later date the requirement to transfer information from the cash register - since December 2021, and not since October,’ Manitskaya said.

In addition, it is proposed to start batch accounting only since June 2022, and move the item accounting to December 1, 2023.

‘Thus, we will have three years to prepare, because the application of marking codes is only the beginning. One of the most difficult things is setting up warehouse and logistics processes. We will try to put all these initiatives together as the basis for a new roadmap for labeling dairy products,’ she explained.

Manitskaya also noted that with the help of the state, the Dairy Union seeks to create favorable conditions and opportunities for the painless introduction of digital labeling for honest producers. ‘The country's leadership is currently considering measures of state support for the industry,’ she said.

According to Manitskaya, the Dairy Union held a number of negotiations with the CATD regarding the conditions for the phased introduction of labeling and achieved certain results. ‘Despite the infringement of its own interests, the CATD met our needs and the ones of market participants, because it is important to develop joint approaches to the implementation of these innovations,’ added the head of the Dairy Union of Russia.

About labeling

In Russia, an experiment is underway to label products in several industries. In the dairy industry, it began on July 15, 2019. Earlier, it was planned to switch to mandatory labeling of dairy products since May 2021.

As for other products, in 2019, the labeling of tobacco, shoes, and medicines in the category of seven high-cost nosologies became mandatory. Since January 1, 2020, mandatory labeling of medicines is provided. Labeling of tires and pneumatic tires, cameras and flash lamps, as well as five groups of light industry products will be mandatory.

A two-dimensional code is used for labeling in the Data Matrix format, which is applied directly to the product packaging or product label and contains detailed information about the product: name, manufacturer, date, time and place of production.

By 2024, Russia will have a unified national system for labeling and tracking products. The operator of the system is the Center for advanced technology development (CATD), created based on a public-private partnership.

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