The cost of eco-fee for large dairy processing enterprises will increase 5-6 times – Konstantin Sinetsky

Источник: The DairyNews
The cost of eco-fee for large dairy processing enterprises will increase 5-6 times. Head of the Southern Dairy Union Konstantin Sinetsky stated this in a comment to the Public Television of Russia, writes The DairyNews.

‘If we take an enterprise that processes about 400 tons of milk per day, now the eco-fee for it is 6.5 million rubles a year,’ said Sinetsky. ‘Depending on what decisions will be made on the eco-fee, the cost of it for such an enterprise will increase 5-6 times, or even more. When we were asked to comment on this initiative, whether we consider it acceptable or unacceptable, we could not answer unequivocally, because we still have our own question. Obviously, environmental issues need to be addressed and the planet Earth should not sink in garbage, but we would like to know: what was the environmental fee that was collected for 5 years spent for? That is, what exactly needs additional money? Why is it necessary increase the fee now? After all, no one cancels the tariffs for garbage collection from citizens. And it turns out that the increase in the environmental fee should be, of course, both controlled and understandable, then enterprises will understand more clearly what they are paying for.

Konstantin Sinetsky also drew attention to the fact that the environmental fee is being increased for all industries.

‘Here, of course, the dairy industry is again in the spotlight, also because the costs of this environmental fee are not limited to it. We have a much more acute problem that hangs over the industry – this is digital labeling,’ the expert added.

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