The company Umalat spent 30 million rubles on the introduction of labeling of dairy products - Alexey Martynenko

Источник: The DairyNews
As Alexey Martynenko, CEO of the dairy products manufacturer Umalat, noted in an interview with the Expert, the company spent 30 million rubles on the introduction of labeling of dairy products. At the same time, the annual expenses of the organization to label each package of products will amount to 25 million rubles, writes The DairyNews.

‘This reduces our efficiency by 20 percent, as it requires more labor costs. Such state regulation creates barriers to the development of small companies, and also strongly affects demand,’ the expert noted.

Alexey Martynenko added that today consumers are forced to pay with their money not only for the increased production cost, but also for the Honest mark system, which actually duplicates other state programs for the traceability of goods. As for labeling, there is an overpayment of at least a ruble per package, from five to ten rubles per kilogram of dairy products.

Over the past year, Umalat has raised prices by only three to four percent, but at the end of the year, raw materials have become much more expensive, which will lead to an increase in selling prices.

‘We reduce all possible costs, increase efficiency. For example, we have whey left after the cheese is made. Previously, we did not make money on it, selling it at a ruble per liter, and now we are selling it at 13 rubles per liter on the market. And thus, due to selling whey, we can reduce the margin on the main product,’ concluded Alexey Martynenko.

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