The closure of Danon dairy plant in Vladimir may affect the region's economy

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Anatoly Monastyrsky, General Director of JSC Shikhobalovo, believes that the closure of Danon dairy plant in Vladimir region will not affect the dairy industry in the region, but may affect the economy as a whole, writes The Dairynews.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the large enterprise Danone in the region is put up for auction.

Vladimirsky dairy plant has been operating since 1932. In 2004, the plant, then called Vladimirskoe moloko, became part of Unimilk, which was later bought by Danone. Since 2016, the plant has steadily reduced the volume of milk processing - in 2019, the figures were just over 94 thousand tons per year.

Anatoly Monastyrsky believes that if such a large enterprise is closed, tax revenues to the regional budget will be reduced, workers will lose their jobs and will be forced to look for a new way to earn money.

- Although, the owner might compensate them for the period of time during which the plant will be idle. If an investor appears immediately and buys it, and if the same people who worked there can immediately return to production, this is good. Otherwise, the situation will be negative, the expert said.

He said that in the region a few years ago, the company PepsiCo modernized the plant in Yuriev-Polsky, in connection with which they had to sell Suzdalsky dairy plant.

- We together with the farm Suvorovskoye bought it, and in principle, people were not affected there. We have gradually loaded the production with small volumes, and at the moment it processes approximately 45-50 tons of milk per day. They work with our milk. In other words, 130-140 people retained their jobs. If the same situation happens with Danon plant in Vladimir, it's good, said Anatoly Monastyrsky.

The General Director of JSC Shikhobalovo believes that if investors do not immediately manage to buy the plant, then 300 to 500 people may lose their jobs. Since the plant in Vladimir is much larger than the enterprise in Suzdal.

At the same time, Anatoly Monastyrsky concluded that this situation in general would not affect the dairy industry of Vladimir region.

It should be noted that at the time of publication of the material, the regional authorities have not commented on the closure of the enterprise.

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