The CATD told how to label catchweight goods

Источник: The DairyNews
On January 15, the CATD organized a webinar on the stages of introducing labeling of dairy products. A separate discussion was held on the topic of labeling catchweight goods, which caused a large number of questions. The DairyNews publishes answers to the most relevant questions.

Question: When slicing cheese, should its individual parts be labeled?

Yulia Kuzmina, project manager of the Milk product group, CATD: ‘If we say that the packaging is made in the sales area of the store, that is, in fact, in the same place where it will be sold, then the sliced product is not labeled. If it comes to the store ready-made, of course, it must be labeled by the manufacturer.’

The representative of the company added that when labeling a catchweight product, a special parameter in the form of an additional segment should already be entered in the Data Matrix code.

‘Since we are talking about a product with a variable weight, which affects the price, the manufacturer puts the weight already on dairy products, including cheese, in the form of additional information as part of the linear product code. The catchweight product as a whole is labeled according to the usual Data Matrix code with an indication of an additional parameter in the code structure, namely the weight, which is already available to manufacturers who produce such goods,’ explained Yulia Kuzmina. Thus, to sell a product with a single scan at the checkout, you need to specify the weight specifically for such a product, the price of which depends on the weight in the code – in the form of an additional segment.

Question: How is the output of a cheese head cut at a retail outlet done? And how is it done if it is used to produce products?

Yulia Kuzmina: "In the first case, the information is submitted within three days after the start of the operation through the "sale by weight" parameter. It is similar in the second case.’

Question: We pack cottage cheese in buckets of 10 kg, and in stores it is packed in 1 kg – do we need to label it?

Yulia Kuzmina: ‘Since the bucket has the consumer label, which contains information about the composition, name of the product, and also contains its code, that is, all information about the product – then yes, it needs to be labeled.’

Question: If you do not put a code on the sliced cheese in the trading floor, then how will the write-off on cash registers take place?

Yulia Kuzmina: “The labeling code here will be missing when scanning, because there is no labeling code on the sliced product itself – and there is no unambiguous binding at the moment.’

We will remind that the experiment on labeling finished dairy products ended on December 31, 2020. The beginning of mandatory labeling for certain groups of foreign economic activity is planned since January 20, 2021, for other groups - no later than October 1, 2021.

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