The authorities called the measures of support for the introduction of labeling of finished products

Источник: The DairyNews
The Ministry of Industry and Trade noted that changes are being made to government resolutions aimed at supporting the participants of the project on labeling of finished products.

"This direction is not specific to the dairy industry. We extend the measures provided by the industrial development fund to all participants in the labeling system. The document has passed almost all stages of approval. The second direction is measures to support manufacturers of packaging. Since the majority of manufacturers choose the typographic method of applying the labeling code, we are preparing amendments to the Government decree and include a list of equipment subject to VAT exemption, print heads that apply labeling codes,’ said the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade during a webinar organized by the CATD.

The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture noted that an opportunity is being prepared for obtaining a preferential loan for obtaining equipment necessary for the introduction of labeling.
Additional measures are also being worked out.

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В конце марта федеральное правительство узаконило параллельный импорт, предполагающий ввоз ряда товаров без разрешения правообладателя. The Dairy News обратились за комментариями к экспертам, чтобы узнать, как нововведение повлияет на разные сегменты рынка. Большинство опрошенных специалистов считают официальное разрешение параллельного импорта необходимой мерой, которая поддержит российскую экономику.
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