The 18-seat coffee shop uses 3.2 tons of milk per year for cappuccino alone

Источник: The DairyNews
During a speech at the conference "Coffee Tea Cacao Russian Expo 2021" Maria Koval, the founder of the "Private cheese factory by Maria Koval", said that coffee is the best product to attract a young buyer to the consumption of milk, writes The DairyNews.

The event was organized by the Dairy Intelligence Agencyr (DIA) and the Russian tea and coffee Association.

She noted that in 2020, a small 18-seat coffee shop, which belongs to the cheese factory, sold 10.5 thousand cappuccino, almost 3 thousand lattes and 1.4 thousand cheese rafa.

‘The coffee market is a huge niche for milk. Only in our cafe we used 3.2 tons of milk for a year only for making cappuccino. A significant role in the development of this market will be played by education about the properties of milk on the part of its producers. Today we know that baristas are guided by the varieties of coffee, but do not know about the advantages of high-quality natural milk. From the point of view of the dependence of taste on the feeding diet of cows, on housing conditions, on the entire production process,’ said Maria Koval.

According to the Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA), about 1.7 million tons of drinking milk are consumed with coffee in Russia.
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