TH achieves great results in difficult conditions - Rasul Aliyev

Источник: The DairyNews
Rasul Aliyev, Executive Director of LLC TH-RUS Milk Food, said that despite the difficult conditions, the company managed to achieve positive results in production, writes The DairyNews.

Rasul Aliyev noted that the construction of a dairy complex in Moscow region is going according to plan. According to him, at the moment the second building is under construction, there are already two cow barns, two lagoons and four silo pits.

‘We achieve great results in difficult conditions. We brought the cows to an open field, to an unfinished farm. Construction is in progress: there is no milking parlor and calf village - so we created temporary ones, making them ourselves, and have already produced almost 14 thousand liters of milk. Production does not stop at all during the construction period,’ Rasul Aliyev said.

According to him, during the pandemic, construction also did not stop.

‘It was a little hard, but we worked in such conditions and achieved good results. For example, our calf crop was 86%. In addition, the cows that we brought three years ago are already in full swing for the third lactation. We also raised our own, and they are very productive,’ the expert said.

In his opinion, the most important thing in production is its employees.

‘We didn't have to cut down staff during lockdown. The staff is our achievement. We are located in the center of Moscow region, and we do not have a single visiting worker – all local. We have local youth – they are patriots,’ Rasul Aliyev said.

He noted that in 2020, the volume of milk production at LLC TH-RUS Milk Food amounted to about 38 tons per day. According to the executive director of the company, if the staff does not receive an additional number of cows, then in 2021 production will not increase significantly. He also added that the complex under construction is designed to produce almost 200 tons of milk per day.

‘We plan to increase the number of livestock by 6 thousand, so that the total number reaches 12 thousand. We supply milk to Danone, Campina, and Molochnoye Tsarstvo companies,’ the expert said.

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