Tetra Pak: The market for plant-based beverages will reach 250 million liters by 2025

Источник: The DairyNews
Lilia Egorova, marketing manager of Tetra Pak, presented the results of research on the Russian market of alternatives during the webinar. According to surveys, many consumers are interested in plant-based beverages and products, have already included or are ready to include them in their usual diet.

Also, some promising areas are not covered by Russian manufacturers yet, but at the same time have great potential, writes The DairyNews.

According to information received from retail, the market of plant-based products in Russia showed good growth in 2020 and will continue to grow in 2021. The leader is still NeMoloko brand from Sady Pridonya.

Small volumes of packages and their popularity are due to the fact that many representatives of the market started with them, they still occupy a significant percentage. ‘It is still important to be present in two formats, both family and portion formats. Consumers often choose a small package, and then, if they like the product, they switch to a larger volume,’ said Lilia Egorova.

Many consumers in Russia, unlike in Europe, prefer coconut milk. Another leader is oats. Almonds are popular, but they are often more expensive than other analogues. Oatmeal acts as an independent product, and coconut is often an additive to other raw materials (rice or soy): it has an active taste that consumers like. Interest in buckwheat-based beverages is declining - the reason for this is perhaps the strong taste of the product, which is not liked by all customers.

By 2025, the market volume of plant-based beverages in Russia will reach 250 million liters. New producers should add new ingredients to traditional tastes, look for unusual combinations and formats that are convenient for the consumer — this, according to representatives of Tetra Pak, will increase the competitiveness of brands in the market.

The survey results showed that only 14% of respondents are never going to buy alternatives. This is mainly an age audience, for which the price issue is also important. 27% of respondents consume plant-based products regularly.

Most consumers consider these products as an option for breakfast or a snack. The three most common ways are: using a plant-based drink as such, adding it to porridge, or using it to give an interesting and soft taste to coffee.

The main wish of consumers is to increase the range of drinking yoghurts and ice cream. ‘For me, it was a surprise that mayonnaise got to the top of the list, but it is very in tune with the trend for healthy eating. People want to be able to use a lower-calorie and healthier dressing,’ commented the representative of Tetra Pak.

One of the trends that has not yet spread on the market in Russia is plant-based drinks with a large amount of protein. In these drinks, you can also add useful vitamin and mineral supplements, juices, - this direction, according to the recommendation of Tetra Pak, should be developed by Russian companies, positioning products as superfoods.

Another trend is the mixing of plant-based and cow milk, which allows you to get new flavors and textures of products. This option is optimal for consumers who want to switch to alternative products gradually.

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