TDNT Engineering became the silver sponsor of the Dairy Olympics

Источник: The DairyNews
TDNT Engineering has supported the XII Dairy Olympics, The DairyNews reports.

TDNT Engineering (LLC TH NEW TECHNOLOGIES) provides a range of services for food and dairy industry enterprises. It specializes in the comprehensive supply of equipment for aseptic filling, as well as a full range of necessary technological equipment. Performs design, assembly and commissioning of technological equipment of its own production, as well as automation of technological processes.


Since 2018, it is the official dealer of Japanese aseptic lines SHIKOKU KAKOKI.

Artem Berezutsky, Commercial Director of TDNT Engineering: ‘The Dairy Olympics is a unique format for the dairy industry, combining both productive business communication and a casual meeting, allowing you to get to know your colleagues and partners better, to understand where the "wind of change" is blowing, moving the dairy industry. Our company actively followed this event, and this year we decided to take part and share our own accumulated experience not only in the dairy industry, but also in new and alternative products. Therefore, at the Futurological Congress, I will present our expert opinion and vision of our company in the popular field of production of alternatives to "classic" dairy products (dairy alternative), since our company is actively involved in the implementation of such projects in Russia. It is also interesting to hear the opinions of colleagues on many key issues of the dairy market, as well as to discuss the prospects for the development of the industry after overcoming the difficult period of the pandemic and the introduction of industrial labeling.’

Website of the company:

The full program of the XII Dairy Olympics, which will be held from 23 to 27 May in Novorossiysk, can be studied on the website.


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13 ноября 2023 г. правительство РФ опубликовало проект постановления, который предлагает присвоить всем коровникам и другим животноводческим сельхозпредприятиям категории «высокого и чрезвычайно высокого риска», что предполагает более строгий контроль и увеличение количества плановых проверок. The DairyNews узнал у участников молочного рынка, как нововведение отразится на работе животноводческих ферм и в целом на отрасли, а также насколько предлагаемые меры помогут в борьбе с опасными заболеваниями животных.
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