Stefan Dürr: There is a big demand for organic milk from the baristas

Источник: The DairyNews
The President of EkoNiva Holding spoke about the experience of working with organic products and the difficulties that may be faced by milk producers who are going to enter this market. These and many other issues were discussed during the panel discussion "Legalizing organic products. The results of the first year of the Federal Law "On Organic Products" at PRODEXPO 2021, reports The DairyNews.

According to Stefan Dürr, EkoNiva has been engaged in organic farming for a relatively long time, but production volumes are still small compared to conventional milk: ‘If we produce about 3,200 tons of milk, organic milk is still produced only on one farm. Of course, we would like more.’ Stefan Dürr clarified that it is the farm "Savinskaya Niva", located in Kaluga region. According to the company, the daily volume of organic milk processing is only 200-300 kg per day — this is about 10% of the daily milk yield. The rest of the organic milk is processed as traditional.

According to the founder of EkoNiva, more than once there was a conversation about the rejection of the production of organic products. Not the least role in this was played by sales: ‘It is not difficult to get into retail chains, they ask us for offers, ask for exclusives. But sales, compared to production volumes, are meager,’ commented Stefan Durr.

According to the expert, active promotion of organic products will help to solve the issue: ‘The retail chains want this product, consumers want it, but in the end they do not buy it. We need to combine our efforts in advertising and PR, otherwise this market will not become large-scale.’

According to Stefan Dürr, there is a great demand for organic milk from baristas: ‘Baristas are those who pay special attention to the taste of milk. Few people do this, and retail chains do not often pay enough attention to this — other indicators are more important for them. Baristas can also appreciate the qualities of milk that we work so carefully on in all areas, whether it is breeding or feed base: they can evaluate the protein composition of milk, fat content, taste characteristics — all this is important for them.’

According to Stefan Durr, baristas can not only meet the demand for organic milk, but also increase the interest in such products from the consumer: ‘In the store we ran in, buy a carton of milk and leave. If you come to drink coffee, you can also learn from a professional about the benefits of this particular milk, its quality. Baristas can justify the price of the product and its uniqueness.’

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