State standard for pizza cheese was approved in Russia

Источник: The DairyNews
According to the Dairy Union, it is now forbidden to use milk fat substitutes in pizza cheeses.

On November 25, Rosstandart approved the standard GOST R 59212-2020 “Heat-treated pizza cheeses. Technical conditions”. The standard was developed for the first time by the Institute of butter and cheese making (VNIIMS, Uglich), approved and recommended for approval by experts of the Russian technical Committee TC 470.

GOST R 59212 is put into effect for voluntary application on the territory of the Russian Federation as a national standard since January 1, 2021 with the right of early application. This means that manufacturers can apply the standard for the production of pizza cheese from the moment of its official publication.

The standard sets requirements for specially processed cheeses that can be used for making pizza, both in production and in restaurants, pizzerias and at home. The standard will reduce the market share of falsified products, which are now also called "pizza cheese" and "Kalyata", but often they are not in composition. It is forbidden to use vegetable fats in pizza cheese.

If the cheese manufacturer complies with all the requirements set by GOST R 59212 for the product in terms of quality, safety, and microbiology, then both pizza manufacturers and consumers will appreciate it. Such a standard was developed in the Russian Federation for the first time, and later the standard can be recommended by TC 470/MTK 532 for adoption as an interstate standard for its application in other countries of the EAEU.

In addition, the TC 470/MTK 532 Secretariat intends to invite the EEC to include this document in the evidence base of TR CU 033/2013.

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