Soyuzmoloko.Siberia: the most important areas of activity for 2021 - the growth of milk processing capacity

Источник: The DairyNews
During the Congress of Soyuzmoloko.Siberia General director of MolSib holding Igor Eliseenko noted that against the background of the growth of productivity of dairy farms and milk production in general, the situation with processing capacities in Novosibirsk region is catastrophic.

‘According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Novosibirsk region, we produce 1,700 tons of milk today, but only 43% of this amount is processed today. An additional problem is the regionalization of foot-and-mouth disease: only pasteurized milk can be exported outside the region. Of course, it is alarming that such large companies as Pepsico and Danone are reducing the production of dairy products in favor of non-dairy products – more profitable. Therefore, the development of our own processing is an absolute priority. The launch of the EkoNiva cheese production plant will significantly reduce the tension in the raw milk market,’ Igor Eliseenko said.

Following the results of the Congress of Soyuzmoloko. Siberia has adopted a resolution in which, in particular, the most important areas of activity for 2021 are:

* assistance in increasing the milk processing capacity: support for the regional development of its own processing, modernization of existing production facilities and the construction of new milk processing enterprises.

* expanding the areas of state support, including regional state support (capex) in the form of reimbursement of part of costs for the construction, reconstruction and purchase of high-tech (robotic) dairy equipment.

* assistance in solving the problem of FMD regionalization: export of milk outside the region with the status “safe before recognition by the OIE without FMD vaccination”

* promotion of the dairy category and the fight against falsification: checks of public procurement channels for dairy products

* within the framework of "environmental" regulation - minimizing the costs of the dairy industry in connection with the development of regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as removing regulatory barriers to the use of manure and poop as organic fertilizers

* assistance in reducing the import supply of milk powder and dairy products from the Republic of Belarus as the domestic production of the exchange categories develops.

* facilitating the adoption of a positive decision on the introduction of the possibility of reimbursement of part of the capital costs for the introduction of mandatory labeling of dairy products

* promoting the formation of market and economically sound prices for dairy products

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