Since the beginning of the year, Moscow region has become the leader in cheese production in the Russian Federation

Источник: The DairyNews
In January, according to Rosstat, Moscow region overtook Altai region in the production of cheese in Russia, reported in the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture to The DairyNews.

‘Since the beginning of the year, cheese production in Moscow region has increased by 23.1% compared to the same period in 2020 and amounted to 5.37 thousand tons. Altai region produced 5.09 thousand tons in January, thus we became the first to produce cheese in Russia,’ said Sergey Voskresensky, Acting Minister of Agriculture and Food of Moscow region.

This growth was made possible by the continued increase in production capacity, both through the introduction of new ones and through the modernization of existing ones.

At the end of February, Sergey Voskresensky visited the site where the construction of the first cheese cluster in the Russian Federation "Cheese Valley" is in full swing. He said that the region plans to produce more than 20 thousand tons of cheese and more than 14 tons of whey after reaching its full design capacity, and this will allow Moscow region to take a leading position in this segment in the country.

‘Let me remind you that in the first two months of this year, the export of cheese and cottage cheese produced in Moscow region amounted to 0.7 thousand tons for $ 1.8 million, which is 39.3% of all-Russian exports. In terms of the cost of products shipped abroad, Moscow region ranks second among the regions of the country, behind Rostov region,’ Sergey Voskresensky added.

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