Siberian milk processors are not ready for labeling - Igor Eliseenko

Источник: The DairyNews
General director of the company Molsib Igor Eliseenko said that the Siberian milk processors are not ready for the introduction of mandatory digital labeling, writes The DairyNews.
The expert said that many dairy producers from Siberia address to him on this issue.

‘In theory, the representatives of the CATD were supposed to supply equipment, provide service, set up work, and then collect money from manufacturers. The issues have not been resolved yet, and the deadlines have already been set. It is unclear what will happen to small producers. Novosibirsk region is a huge region. If something does not function there: the printer breaks down or the system stops receiving information due to Internet violations - how to solve it? It is not clear,’ said Igor Eliseenko.

The expert fears that the start of mandatory labeling will force the company to abandon temporarily the acceptance of milk from enterprises that do not have special equipment.

‘There are two scenarios: optimistic and pessimistic. The first is that the CATD itself will be engaged in the installation and configuration of equipment, will conclude leasing agreements and will pay 60 kopecks per package independently. Pessimistic – when mandatory labeling begins, manufacturers will be banned to produce products without codes, otherwise they will be put in jail. Who wants to go to jail? All will begin to close temporarily their enterprises "for prevention". Small farmers will have nowhere to deliver their milk and will have to eliminate animal husbandry,’ said the representative of Novosibirsk region.

Igor Eliseenko noted that it is necessary to understand the specifics of the production of dairy products.

‘When I first learned that they want to introduce mandatory labeling of dairy products, I thought: "Finally, they will restore order. The cattle will be identified, everything will be traceable." But when it became clear how this is planned to be implemented, I realized that in the dairy industry, full tracking will not work. But they will collect 60 kopecks,’ summed up Igor Eliseenko.

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