Sergey Sonkin: Producers of A2 milk do not conduct an aggressive policy against the dairy industry

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Independent expert Sergey Sonkin shared his opinion on the development of A2 milk in Russia, noting that the production of this category is progressing in many countries of the world, writes The DairyNews.

Sergey Sonkin said that the main producer of A2 products in the world is the Australian-New Zealand company A2 milk. According to the expert, this is a public company whose shares are listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges. Its products are manufactured in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and are also exported to China, Singapore, and South Korea. Their main product is pasteurized milk and baby food. According to Sergey Sonkin, the capitalization of the company is more than $ 10 billion, it is the fastest growing dairy brand in the world and a strategic partner of the "dairy giant" Fonterra.

‘As far as I know, there are several A2 milk producers in Russia: these are the brands "ADVALAC", "Umnoe moloko", "Sloboda", there is also a company in Ust-Labinsk. Maybe there are other manufacturers, but I do not know about it. I believe that these brands are at the very beginning of their development, so it is not yet possible to single out the main one among them,’ the expert said.

He also noted his personal preferences when choosing the A2 product:

‘However, if we talk about my personal preference both from the point of view of the brand itself, and from the point of view of the quality and direction of product promotion for the target consumer, I would single out the ultra-pasteurized milk "ADVALAC" of the company Molochnye producty A2. I also advise this company. The products are manufactured from only the highest grade raw materials, supplied by the Belgorod group "Green Valley" and produced at the high-tech production of the group Laktika in Veliky Novgorod. This is not only healthy, but also very tasty milk! I personally tasted it, so I have the right to share my feelings,’ said Sergey Sonkin.

At the same time, the expert believes that the production of A2 milk in Russia is developing slowly for objective and subjective reasons.

‘But if you look at the history of A2 milk development in New Zealand and Australia, it took them more than 10 years before they achieved their first success, and this is taking into account completely different financial and professional conditions,’ he said.

In his opinion, the Russian dairy market is very complex, and there is a lot of competition, as large producers and retail chains occupy the main positions. To this, the expert adds a rather low standard of living of the main consumer. And A2 milk is not a cheap product yet.

- But, nevertheless, I believe that the future of the dairy market – including in Russia, is A2 milk. In a few years, all milk in New Zealand will be A2. The process of herd transformation is also taking place in Russia. All major manufacturers are aware of this, but are not ready yet to move sharply in this direction. The first major changes (milk A2 will replace the usual milk) will occur, and are already occurring in baby food - a breast milk substitute, - says Sergey Sonkin.

As for the results of the promotion of A2 milk in Russia, according to the expert, all manufacturers of this type are still ‘taking the first steps’.

- I have more detailed information about ADVALAC milk. I would especially like to mention their charity event, I would even say the all-Russian campaign to promote A2 milk among special children of Russia. During the pandemic, they delivered and distributed ADVALAC milk for free to children in 40 cities of Russia. Almost 2000 children who refused milk due to various diseases were happy to drink ADVALAC A2 milk. This is really a great result and advertising of natural milk, - said Sergey Sonkin.

At the same time, the expert believes that if A2 milk producers actually present their products as the only correct one, then this is wrong. According to him, there is also goat, sheep, mare, and camel milk, which also naturally does not contain beta-casein A1.

- If we talk about their comparison with ordinary milk, then I can say with confidence that, for example, the company Molochnye producty A2 of the brand "ADVALAC" conducts information promotion of its product within the framework of the "Law on advertising", never comparing itself with other manufacturers. Moreover, the company does not denigrate them either in the trademark or in appeals to the consumer. However, they quite naturally believe that the buyer should know the truth about the risks that can incur the consumption of protein A1, which they say, using the results of scientific research and the expertise of reputable experts in medicine, physiology and biochemistry, - said Sergey Sonkin.

He believes that A2 milk producers do not pursue an aggressive policy in promoting their product on the market.

- Moreover, they are the ones who, in their information, try to fight against absurd opinions, distorted knowledge and myths about milk, bringing benefits to the dairy industry as a whole. For example, their information about ultra-pasteurized milk. Why do not large companies say anything in defense of the modern technologies of drinking milk? For me personally, this is the only safe dairy product in Russia. The company Molochnye producty A2 does not attack the dairy industry. First of all, A2 milk is necessary for people who have already abandoned or are abandoning dairy products, and they, on the contrary, return consumers to milk, and to natural milk. Their rhetoric is scientific, accurate and supported by facts,’ the expert said.

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