Saratov JSC Breeding plant Trudovoy and LLC Agros will build large dairy farms

Источник: The DairyNews
This year, Saratov enterprises of JSC Breeding plant Trudovoy and LLC Agros are implementing a number of investment projects aimed at increasing milk production, reported in the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture to The DairyNews.

Thus, JSC Breeding plant Trudovoy is implementing two projects: "Construction of a complex for raising young animals for replacement for 4200 animals (the third stage)" and "Construction of dairy complex No. 3 for 1300 cows with a milking parlor (the first stage of construction is a barn for 650 cows with a milking parlor).

The construction of a robotic dairy farm for 130 cows and a sheep farm for 5,000 sheep will continue in LLC Agros of Turki district.

The planned volume of investments is 1.5 billion rubles. It is planned that more than 50 jobs will be created in 2022.

‘Investment projects in the livestock industry contribute to the implementation of measures for import substitution and ensuring food security in the region, as well as increasing production and improving its quality,’ said Roman Kovalsky, Deputy Chairman of the regional government and Minister of Agriculture of the region.

As for last year, during the implementation of the largest investment projects aimed at the creation of dairy farms, 685 million rubles was invested in animal husbandry in the region, about 30 new jobs were created. Among the implemented projects is the construction of a complex for raising young cattle for replacement for 4200 animals at JSC Breeding plant Trudovoy in Marks district, consisting of three stages. According to the first stage, a building for free stall housing for 900 units of cattle was built, and two calf houses for keeping 240young animals were built and put into operation.

JSC Ulyanovsky in Rtishchevo district has completed the construction of a dairy cattle breeding complex for 600 units of dairy cattle with a maternity shed for 200 animals and a dairy block and three buildings for 2000 cattle breeding and fattening of young cattle of dairy breeds.

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