Sales of dairy products in Novosibirsk region are at the level of 2020 - Igor Eliseenko

Источник: The DairyNews
Chairman of the Management Board of Soyuzmoloko.Siberia, General Director of MolSib Holding Igor Eliseenko said that in Siberian region, and in particular in Novosibirsk region, there is no serious drop in the consumption of dairy products. According to him, sales are at the level of 2020, writes The DairyNews.

At the same time, the expert noted that local producers are experiencing an increase in sales of traditional types of dairy products.

Igor Eliseenko believes that if the situation with coronavirus in Siberia remains the same in 2021, then changes in consumption should not be expected. At the same time, if the situation worsens, sales of dairy products with a long shelf life are expected to increase.

In the region today, there is an increase in the consumption of products with milk fat substitutes. According to the expert, this is due to their lower cost. According to Igor Eliseenko, this threatens producers with a decrease in demand for ordinary dairy products, which may reduce the demand of processors for raw milk.

‘Consumers are not ready to change standard dairy products to milk-containing ones, but in Siberian region we are observing misleading customers. This is when there are milk-containing products and products without milk fat substitutes on the same shelf. There are also manufacturers who massively falsify dairy products, especially long-term storage milk, and they still get away with it, despite the control of various services,’ the expert said.

He believes that in this regard, producers need to inform consumers about the value of dairy products for health and proper nutrition.

‘Falsified milk and milk based on vegetable fat will not replace the beneficial properties of natural milk from healthy animals!’ said Igor Eliseenko.

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