Russian Federation: goodbye to the year of the bull

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Information on the Russian and European embryo transfer in 2020 is in demand among livestock specialists. Almost 73 thousand (!) Readers got acquainted with the ET-2019 review article Dairy news.

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Together again

The most significant event for us in TE 2020 is that embryologists of the Republic of Belarus (RB) first entered the international information level. Thanks to the initiative of Alexander Deshko (Agrarian University of Grodno) and his colleagues, the results of the work of Belarusian embryologists in 2020 became known, and they are impressive - 369 flushed donors.

We sincerely congratulate our Belarusian colleagues on the completion of the “partisan” embryology, information about which we had to obtain from the press.

In honor of this historic event, on behalf of Russian embryologists, trainee Anna and I, in Soviet style, commemorated it with a living sculptural composition. This is a historical event, we marked with a living sculptural composition.

Living sculpture: embryologist and collective farmer

Unfortunately, last year AETE lost (in terms of embryo transfer) Ukraine, hopefully not for long.

Could it be that Peter May? Could it be that Peter May? News was published in the AETE bulletin No. 54 for December 2020. “The new British TE Association (BETA) has recently been established in the UK. The association hopes to gain full membership in AETA in 2021 and is open to cooperation and communication with other embryological associations. Peter May President of VETA».

How small the world of embryology is! Is this really the same Peter May who participated in the seminar of Russian embryologists at the Kazan Veterinary Academy in 2008?

Peter May confesses his love ET, Kazan KGVA-2008

10 years of participation

Next year marks the 10th anniversary of the participation of Russian embryologists in AETE statistics. The accounting of Russian ET began in 2012 from the 14th place in the Top-24 AETE, with a result of 98 collection.

The growth of Russian ET over the past decade is shown in the table.

In the past year, in the ranking of the top 10 embryo collections, RF is already in 5th place between the Netherlands and Denmark. RB has 12th place for flushed donors, which is not bad for a list of 23 participants?

But no. For the Dutch and Danish cows, the level of donor superovulation coverage is 1.32 and 1.40 head per 1000 livestock, respectively. In RB, every 0.26 donor cow from every thousand heads was recruited for superovulation. For 8 million cows of Russian cows, the hope of receiving TE-service is only 0.12 cows - one out of 10 thousand heads.

The production of "girl" embryos is especially impressive among dairy donors and reached a record 72% across the country (57.3% in 2019). In beef donors, this technique was used in only 12 superovulations (3%). Meat herd owners are tolerant of both male and female offspring.

Happy New Year of the Tiger and be healthy!

Victor Madison, candidate of biological sciences, Novocheboksarsk

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