Russia was able to provide itself with milk — AgrarHeute

Russia has eliminated its dependence on milk imports from Europe, reported the German specialized publication AgrarHeute on December 4.

It is noted that until 2014, Russia was significantly dependent on milk imports from Europe. However, the introduction of sanctions and a retaliatory embargo on food supplies from Europe changed the situation.

The policy of import substitution introduced in Russia and extensive state investment programs also contributed to the increase in milk production, the newspaper notes.

The author of the article Olaf Zincke emphasizes that after the lifting of sanctions, European manufacturers will no longer be needed on the Russian market. In the future, Russia will be able to enter the Chinese market with its dairy products.

At the same time, the article notes that over the past four years, despite the reduction in the number of cows, the total volume of milk yields in Russia has doubled. This was made possible by optimizing production, primarily by improving the genetics of livestock.

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