Russia can sell cheese in the Arab world - Alexey Martynenko

Источник: The DairyNews
During a press conference, founder and CEO of Unagrande Company holding, Alexey Martynenko, said that at the moment Russia produces the highest quality raw milk, writes The DairyNews.

In this regard, the expert noted that Russian products can be sold abroad.

‘We see that there is an opportunity to sell cheeses in the Arab world, in China and Japan. Europe is closed to us, so we need to work for the East,’ Alexey Martynenko said. 

According to the expert, the success of domestic dairy products in this region lies in its cost. He noted that, for example, in stores in Dubai, prices on the shelves are several times higher than in Moscow. Therefore, Alexey Martynenko believes that competitive price and high quality will attract consumers in the UAE.

‘In addition, our lactose-free line will also bring success, since in that region the intolerance to this element is about 50%. Yes, at the moment there are problems with logistics, but we are solving them,’ said Alexey Martynenko.

He said that in 2021, the company took the second place in Russia in terms of the volume of cheese production. According to him, the gross revenue this year will be about 4 million rubles.

The company also noted that it follows the ecological way of development.

‘We believe that healthy food changes the quality of life. You need to be a fan of quality and use the best raw materials that are produced in Russia. Thank God we have it, - Alexey Martynenko said.

Earlier we wrote that the company Umalat changed its name to Unagrande Company.

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