Rusmolko commissioned the second stage of the complex for 5200 animals

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Russian Dairy Company has put into operation the second stage of a dairy complex for 5,200 milking cows in Penza region. Currently, the complex houses 4.2 thousand milking cows, the daily gross yield exceeds 140 tons, reported in the press service of the company to The DairyNews.

Russian Dairy Company (a subsidiary of Olam International, Singapore), one of the largest producers of premium milk in Russia, has completed the construction and commissioned the second stage of a closed-cycle dairy complex for 5,200 milking cows in Serdobsk district of Penza region. The project was launched in 2019. The first stage of the new complex was put into operation in December 2019.

The project is being implemented as part of an investment program worth 4.5 billion rubles. The financial partner is Rosselkhozbank.

Two cowsheds for dairy cattle, 1 cowshed for far-off dry period, 1 youngstock barn for 500 places for keeping heifers aged 3 to 5 months and 1 youngstock barn for 400 places for heifers aged 0 to 2 months were put into operation and fully equipped with cattle in the fourth quarter of 2020. The youngstock barns are equipped with automatic calf feeding stations.

A milking unit has been launched at the complex. It has 2 milking systems "Carousel" for 80 seats. There is also a dairy parlour with storage tanks, designed for 300 tons of milk, and a shipping area for milk trucks.

At the new complex, all auxiliary and infrastructure facilities are fully ready: a hangar for equipment, an administrative and household complex, a litter production warehouse with 6 plants for manure processing and production of bedding material, a water supply facility and a manure removal system, land improvement with roads and platforms has been completed.

To provide the complex with feed, 14 silage pits and a warehouse for concentrated feed and meal were built and filled.

Production processes at the complex are integrated into a single IT system, which makes it possible to constantly monitor all types of technological work. In the cowsheds there are robots that ensure the availability of TMR on the feed table.

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