Rosselkhoznadzor has restricted the import of meat and milk from Palestine and Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation since January 12 due to foot-and-mouth disease

The Rosselkhoznadzor, due to the deterioration of the situation with the incidence of foot-and-mouth disease in Kazakhstan and Palestine, imposed restrictions on the supply of livestock products from these countries, including raw meat and milk, since January 12, it follows from the materials of the department.

‘Due to the deterioration of the epizootic situation on the territory of Kazakhstan because of foot-and-mouth disease virus infection, since January 12, 2022, temporary restrictions are imposed on the export to the Russian Federation from Kazakhstan of the following products: live animals susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease, including companion animals, as well as wild, circus and zoo animals,’ the materials say.

The ban is also applied to the supply of certain genetic material, raw meat, meat products, milk and dairy products that have not been subjected to heat treatment, which guarantees the destruction of the foot-and-mouth disease virus. It is prohibited to supply wool, hair, bristles, trophies, intestinal raw materials, hides and skins not processed using the same technology; as well as animal feed and feed additives, including poultry and fish (with some exceptions). It is also forbidden to import used equipment for keeping and slaughtering animals.

The agency also banned the transit through Russia of live animals susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease from the territory of Kazakhstan.

The time restrictions on supplies to Russia from Palestine are almost the same, with the exception of feed and feed additives. Transit through the Russian Federation of live animals susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease from the territory of Palestine is also prohibited.

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