Rogachevsky dairy and canning plant signed a contract for the supply of 25 tons of butter to the UAE

Источник: The DairyNews
The deal was concluded within the framework of the Gulfood 2021 exhibition. The products of the Rogachevsky dairy and canning plant were already known on the market of the United Arab Emirates — the company considers it promising and plans to develop its presence in the region, The Dairy News reports.

Natalia Vlasenko, an employee of the Rogachevsky dairy and canning plant, specializing in foreign economic activities in the United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf countries, told more about the contract itself, brand awareness and the gradual development of imports.

Natalia Vlasenko stressed that the Belarusian brand is already known in the Arab countries: ‘We have been working with the Emirates since last year, our first step was the delivery of condensed milk and today we are already known here. They know our factory, they know about the brand "Rogachev", we are already represented in many stores, we are already known. Condensed milk is a product that has received a very high rating here, which helps us to be competitive. However, it is possible and necessary to develop further.’

According to the representative of the Rogachevsky dairy and canning plant, the batch of butter of 25 tons (which is about 139,000 packages) is only the first stage of cooperation. ‘25 tons is just the beginning, it's just one container. The planned volume of shipments is several dozen containers per year. If everything goes as planned, we will very quickly switch to big batches,’ Natalia Vlasenko said.

The planned shipment is intended for the HoReCa segment and will go to restaurant chains, hotels and, possibly, to airlines. The ultimate goal of the plant is to gain no less fame and popularity in the Arab countries than in the Russian market. However, the company plans to develop its presence gradually, analyzing demand and feedback fr om consumers.

‘We are working with our distributor, the next step will be concentrated milk, which we also plan to deal with in the near future. We are now going step by step, systematic work will allow us to cover as large a segment as possible and expand the range. We are working all over the Persian Gulf and plan to expand,’ concluded the specialist of the Rogachevsky dairy and canning plant.

Natalia Vlasenko noted the high level of organization of the exhibition - a space wh ere customers and suppliers can easily find each other's contacts and conclude profitable deals. An important role here was played by the Belarusian company Belinterexpo, which developed a convenient platform for navigation, communication and search for business partners.

This agreement, signed by the Rogachevsky dairy and canning plant, has already proved the effectiveness of the plant's participation in Gulfood 2021. ‘Today, our real contract signed here allows us to say that the market of the Arab Emirates is available to us, we can really work and develop here. We did not get any illusive prospects, but a signed contract. To date, the production of a batch of butter has already been launched, which will be shipped in March,’ Natalia Vlasenko summed up.

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