Reduction in demand for dairy products during the May holidays, will be insignificant - Group of companies Losevo

Источник: The DairyNews
The press service of the Group of companies Losevo reported that the decline in demand for dairy products during the May holidays will be insignificant, writes The DairyNews.

‘We produce products with short shelf lives: five and six days. It is impossible to produce them with a stock, so our enterprise works every day, regardless of the holidays,’ the company said.

The press service added that now it is difficult to predict whether the long weekend will affect consumer demand.

‘It is likely that the residents of the city will go to their dachas. At the same time, the tourist flow will go to St. Petersburg. A decline in demand is possible, but it is unlikely to be shocking, said in the company.

The press service reported that the buyers of the products of the Group of companies Losevo during the May holidays traditionally choose cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir, milk and yogurt with whole berries.

The company noted that until 2020, there was usually a slight decline in sales in May due to the departure of people from the city. At the same time, according to the representative of the press service, in this period of last year, against the background of the pandemic, the indicators remained at the level of April.

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