Readiness for mandatory labeling of milk in Penza region will be 100%

Источник: The DairyNews
According to the estimated data provided by the dairy processing enterprises of the region, the readiness for the introduction of mandatory labeling will be 100%, taking into account the stages for each type of product, reported in the regional Ministry of agriculture to The DairyNews.

As stated in the official response of the department, there are 12 processors of raw milk in the region. The financial support for this work is the commercial information of enterprises. Investments depend on the chosen method of labeling the products and the technical equipment of the enterprises themselves.

Meanwhile, it is noted that the costs of labeling are quite significant. Therefore, in 2022, it is planned to consider the possibility of regional support to dairy producers in the form of reimbursement of part of the costs incurred in 2021. Currently, the regional Ministry of Agriculture conducts consulting and information work on mandatory labeling and requirements for applying codes to finished products.

‘Of course, this is a new experience for the enterprises of the industry,’ said in the regional Ministry of Agriculture. ‘Now we are working in test mode. There are certain difficulties associated with the work of trade enterprises, the purchase of necessary equipment, technical and accounting support, and the financial component of the process. Many companies share their experience and work with companies of other participants in the labeling experiment.

When asked how much local printing houses are ready for labeling, or whether dairy producers plan to use the services of enterprises from other regions, the Ministry said that the printing houses have their own customer base, including dairy processing enterprises in the region.

‘The management of printing houses considers the ways and assesses the financial possibilities, as well as the economic feasibility of providing services to their customers in accordance with the new requirements,’ the official response to the Agency says. ‘Work is underway, negotiations with suppliers of the necessary equipment are underway.’

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