Raw milk production in Russia will grow by 3.5% - Artem Belov

Источник: The DairyNews
General Director of Soyuzmoloko Artem Belov expressed the opinion that this year the production of raw milk in Russia will grow by 3.5%. The demand for finished dairy products will be the same as in 2020, writes The DairyNews with reference to information from TASS.

In 2020, raw milk production increased by 2.7%: 32.2 million tons of raw milk were produced. Consumption of finished dairy products a year earlier amounted to 29.3 million tons, which is 3% more than in 2019.

‘As for the demand, there are, of course, certain questions. Because last year we ended up with a 3.5% decline in the real disposable income of the population. Our industry is very sensitive to the income of the population. Therefore, I expect that the income will begin to recover, and this will help ensure that demand remains at the level of 2020,’ said Artem Belov.

He also said that the export of dairy products last year increased by 20% and amounted to $360-370 million.
Роскачество обнаружило фальсификат сыра в половине проверенных пицц «Маргарита» в известных российских торговых сетях и пиццериях. The DairyNews спросили участников отрасли, почему производители не сообщают об использовании сырных аналогов при изготовлении пиццы и что с этим делать.
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