Polotsky dairy plant has more than doubled its exports in 2021

Источник: belta.by
Polotsky dairy plant more than doubled its export volumes last year compared to 2020, BelTA learned from the company.

Last year, the plant processed 127 thousand tons of raw materials. During the year, the capacity utilization rate increased from 52.4% in January to 105.1% in June and 102.2% in September. In 2021, the plant produced more butter, whole milk and milk powder products than usual.

In 2021, there were exported products worth $29 million, in 2020 - $12 million. ‘Today, almost all of our goods are supplied abroad, but the largest share is accounted for milk powder products (63%) and butter (28%). At the moment, shipments are going to 22 countries around the world. The largest volumes are supplied to Russia, Kazakhstan and China. At the beginning of October last year, products were shipped to the UAE for the first time, and now milk powder is being delivered to this country again. In the near future, it is also planned to ship milk powder to Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. In December, Japan, Jordan, Oman and Yemen were added to the list of export destinations,’ reported in the company. This year, the plant intends to surpass last year's figures.

JSC Polotsky dairy plant has been operating since 1944. It is one of the largest producers of dairy products (milk powder, butter, whole milk substitute, whole milk products, chocolate glazed curd bars), which processes about 15% of all milk in Vitebsk region. The plant includes a parent company in Polotsk and an agricultural organization in the Rossony district. The plant's capacity allows processing 155 thousand tons of milk per year. About 1.1 thousand people work here. Today, the company produces more than 80 items of products under the brand "Safiyka" and "Mi-Shu". The most famous product of the combine is chocolate glazed curd bars.

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