PepsiCo has launched a project to improve the health of animals on Russian dairy farms

Источник: The DairyNews
PepsiCo supported the initiative of Magnit with the program "Together for a Healthy Future" and launched a project to improve the health of animals on Russian dairy farms, writes The DairyNews.

This was announced at yesterday's online conference "Trend for responsibility. The role of business in the formation of healthy lifestyle" by David Manzini, President of PepsiCo Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Caucasus and Central Asia.

‘We have launched an animal health program on dairy farms – this is an important initiative in Russia, the expert said. ‘We continue the project on the recycling of plastic packaging, we train consumers to properly dispose of empty bottles. We have also committed to switching all of the company's divisions to renewable electricity in order to reduce our carbon footprint. The company is ready to become a member of the HLS and support it.

According to the speaker, PepsiCo is constantly working to improve the useful properties of its products, improving packaging and other areas. He reminded that the company produces not only fizzy drinks, as it has been considered for many years. Its portfolio includes a huge range of snacks and cereals. The company is one of the leaders in the production of sports drinks and bottled water, as well as fruit juices and iced tea.

‘More than 50% of our sales are for healthy snacks and low-calorie drinks,’ said the expert. ‘In Russia, sales of our dairy products - kefir, sour cream and cottage cheese - are very good. We have committed to further reducing sugar, saturated fat and salt in products of the company to make them even more balanced. For example, we started producing the product "Agusha" without sugar, reduced the calorie content in "Seven Up" and "Pepsi". By 70%, our product range meets the goal of reducing sugar. We have reduced the salt content of Lay's sour cream and onion-flavored chips by 6%.

The speaker reminded that in 2019, PepsiCo in Russia, together with industry partners – members of the Union of manufacturers of soft drinks, signed an agreement to reduce added sugar in beverages by 10% until the end of 2024. In addition, the company is one of the largest buyers of potatoes in the world, closely cooperates with its producers, from whom it seeks compliance with its requirements aimed at healthy lifestyle.

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