Pavel Kuzmin: investments in the labeling implementation process for Hochland Russland will amount to about 1 million euros

Источник: The DairyNews
Pavel Kuzmin, Director of production and maintenance at Hochland Russland, noted that 90% of packaging suppliers refused to print the labeling code.

‘That's why we buy printers. You should not forget that printer suppliers are overheated if the deadlines are short, and the number of enterprises that need printers is large. The availability period may be shifted. We are preparing for June 1, but we hope that the deadline will be shifted,’ Pavel Kuzmin said.

The expert noted, referring to retailers and those who will withdraw products from circulation - on the old scanner, the time to read the code for one package is about 4 seconds and this is a very long time.

‘It is desirable to update the equipment. We also hope that the cost of the codes will be compensated for the first time. We conducted experiments on aggregation - we don't see the point in it. It is possible, but it increases the costs and the number of staff,’ concluded the representative of Hochland Russland.

We will remind that today voluntary labeling of dairy products has started in the Russian Federation.

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