Over the past 4 years, the growth rate of consumption of traditional cheeses in Russia amounted to 8 % - Artem Belov

Источник: The DairyNews
During the presentation of the rating "The largest producers of cheese", General Director of Soyuzmoloko Artem Belov said that the production and consumption of cheese in Russia has great potential, writes The DairyNews.

The expert noted that the consumption of cheese in Russia per capita is from 4 to 4.5 kg per year, while in European countries - up to 15 kg on average. In his opinion, this category is interesting both from the point of view of increasing consumption within Russia, and from the point of view of exports to other countries.

The General Director of Soyuzmoloko added that over the past 4 years, the growth rate of consumption of traditional cheeses in Russia amounted to 8 %. According to him, at the moment, 550 thousand tons of cheese are produced in our country.

Artem Belov said that Belarus is a serious competitor in the production of cheese in Russia, but in our country it is rapidly increasing. At the same time, Belarusian producers traditionally account for about 70% of Russian dairy imports.

‘Belarusians have been redirecting their exports recently. For example, their deliveries to China last year increased by 40%, which accounted for about 5-6% of the total export volume of Belarus. First, they export whey and whole milk powder. The purchase price for milk in Belarus is about 23 rubles. At the same time, the price on the shelf there is about the same as in Russia. But we should not forget that Belarus has a team economy, so the distribution of funds and processes is a little different,’ said Artem Belov.

He also said that in recent years, the demand for products created by the technology of cheese production has gradually decreased. At the same time, according to the expert, in the near future, the demand for them will grow.

‘There is enough good milk for everyone, as long as the income of the population is in order. For example, the production of commercial milk is growing annually by 3-4%,’ concluded Artem Belov.

В конце марта федеральное правительство узаконило параллельный импорт, предполагающий ввоз ряда товаров без разрешения правообладателя. The Dairy News обратились за комментариями к экспертам, чтобы узнать, как нововведение повлияет на разные сегменты рынка. Большинство опрошенных специалистов считают официальное разрешение параллельного импорта необходимой мерой, которая поддержит российскую экономику.
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