Opening of “IDF/ISO Analytical week 2009” in Sochi


A welcome reception of an international seminar “IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009” took place in Sochi on May 17, 2009. The organizers of the event are the International Dairy Federation (IDF), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), North-Caucasus State Technical University (NCSTU) and Russian Dairy Union (RDU). Here is a news report from our DairyNews special correspondent.

IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009 is a relevant annual event attended by leading world experts on standardization in dairy industry. Within the framework of the international seminar there are General Sessions and also IDF/ISO Committee Sessions dedicated to international standards in milk and milk products.

Within the framework of IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009 there is an international symposium “Tools to preserve the integrity of the dairy supply chain” and an international seminar “Safety and Quality of Food Products: International Standards and Russian Reality”. Among the participants there are Russian enterprises, scientific and research institutes and educational institutions.

It is the first time when such event is held in Russia. The welcome reception took place at a unique venue “Rus” resort Congress Hall, the Department of the President of RF. This Hall hosts official receptions and meetings of RF President and the Prime Minister with foreign state leaders and sherpas. IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009 is the first open event at this resort place.

Making a speech at welcome reception the commercial director of “Rus” resort, Alexander Soroka, told that in 2006 it was the Congress Hall where parliament leaders of G8 member countries met. “It is quite symbolic as the representatives of all G8 members are here today. It also confirms the level of this event”, he emphasized.

Rinus Van Schaik, the head of ISO Milk and Milk products Committee, was the first to speak at IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009 welcome reception. Mr. Schaik addressed the participants with a welcome speech. “I am very glad to be in Sochi as it cost us many efforts to organize the seminar right in this venue. I would like to stress that our organization is one of the first to organize a seminar here” Mr. Schaik also thanked the Organizing Committee for their hard work. He emphasized the contribution made by the Russian party: “I would like to express my gratitude to Ludmila Alieva for she has made tremendous efforts and organized everything”. In conclusion the head of ISO Milk and Milk products Committee wished the participants a fruitful week and relevant achievements in cooperation.

The president of the Russian Dairy Union Vladimir Kharitonov was the next to take the floor at IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009 welcome reception. Mr. Kharitonov told that for a long time being one of the organizers Russia did not participate in IDF events. “I hope that this cooperation between Russian and foreign colleagues will result in a more close collaboration at the international level in the field of standardization in dairy sector”.
FOSS Analytical A/S company was the welcome reception partner.  So far for 50 years it has been producing equipment for food production analysis. FOSS Analytical A/S produces a great variety of instruments for dairy sector, a device for fat content testing is on the top of popularity list. The chief commercial director, Steen Kold-Cristensen, wished the participants effective cooperation, “cooperative work of the representatives of different fields enhances great results!”

Another speaker at IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009 welcome reception was Larisa Abdullaeva, the head of Technical Committee on milk and milk products of RDU. “I would like to stress the importance of this event. A new Federal Law has been introduced in Russia. It comprises more rigid requirements to all milk products. I hope that national producers and foreign partners will benefit from the information obtained at the Analytical Week”.
Irina Tsvirinko, NCSTU’s vice-rector, was the next to take the floor. Mrs. Tsvirinko expressed deep gratitude to International Dairy Federation (IDF) and ISO Milk and Milk products Committee for doing North-Caucasus State Technical University the honor of organizing IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009.

In conclusion of welcome reception Ludmila Alieva, an expert of IDF Science and Technology Committee, an organizer of IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009 and a Chief of the department of International relations, NCSTU. Mrs. Alieva thanked all partners of the seminar: Bruker, Analytic in Milk, Delta Insruments, Dairy plant “Stavropolskiy”, Dairy plant “Voronezhskiy”, “Profitex” company, “Alisa” Ltd, company union “Kubanmoloko” and “Riviera Sochi” company. Special gratitude was given to a welcome reception partner - FOSS Analytical A/S, and a general sponsor of the event – Bentley Instruments inc. This company produces analytical equipment for dairy sector: infrared analyzers of milk quality with high-precision fat, protein, lactulose and dry fat-free milk residue testers, somatic and bacterial cells counters and urea analyzers.

All welcome reception speakers expressed their best wishes to the guests of the international seminar and hoped the event will enhance new contacts and fruitful professional cooperation. The organizers of the event hope that the program of the seminar comprising not only business meetings and working sessions but also technical and cultural tours around one of the most picturesque places of Russia – Sochi – will provide an opportunity to combine work and rest and get unforgettable impressions of IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2009.


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