Olga Abramova: 52 farms were built and reconstructed in Udmurtia in 2021

Источник: The DairyNews
In 2021, 52 farms were built and reconstructed in the Udmurt Republic. Olga Abramova, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the republic, reported this on her Facebook page, The DairyNews reports.

The Minister also said that in the past year, the absolute leaders in milk production were:

Vavozh district of the Republic - almost 10% of milk production, as well as the highest level of growth in the republic - plus 14.7% percent compared to last year;

Sharkan district - about 72 thousand tons of milk, the increase compared to 2020 was 4.3%;

Mozhga district - more than 60 thousand tons of milk was produced, which exceeds the level of 2020 by 7.4%.

The expert added that over the past 52 weeks, about 911 thousand tons of milk has been produced in the republic. The Minister noted that these volumes correspond to more than 610 kg per inhabitant of the republic.

According to Olga Abramova, next year promises to be no less productive:

‘In mid-January we expect the opening of new farms in the Alnashi and Kiyasovo districts,’ the minister concluded.

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