Oleg Sirota: Mishustin's order on the assistance of regional authorities to farmers is a victory

Источник: The DairyNews
During the round table "Problems of farms" of the project "National farmer" of the United people’s front and the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Project Manager and founder of the cheese factory Russian Parmesan Oleg Sirota said that small business in agriculture suffered during the pandemic, writes The DairyNews.

According to him, in agriculture, small businesses suffered the most because of problems with sales, as some outlets had to be closed because of the pandemic.

The expert reminded that in 2020, together with the United people’s front and the Ministry of Agriculture, the following results were achieved: the deadline of the introduction of digital labeling for small farms was postponed, the criteria for recipients of state support were also lowered, and the number of inspections of project implementation during the pandemic was reduced.

‘A particular victory is the order of Mikhail Mishustin that the authorities will promote the work of farmers in the regions, allocating them places for trade with the highest traffic capacity. So far, it is of a recommendatory nature, but we hope that everything will work,’ said Oleg Sirota.

Earlier, we wrote that the Government has expanded market opportunities for farmers.

The Prime Minister's order contains recommendations on increasing the number of places for non-permanent facilities, extending lease agreements, making such facilities accessible to the public, the need to increase fairs, develop markets and remove barriers to their opening.

‘In our country, there is a consolidation of retail chains, which reduces the possibility of selling products of small manufacturers. Therefore, many of us want to sell our products themselves at the market (fair), in a non-stationary small store, as well as from the car counter. Often this is the only way to ensure the profitability of the farm and the ability to pay off numerous loans, - said Oleg Sirota in the comments to The DairyNews.

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