New baby food production lines have appeared at Tsaritsynsky dairy plant

Источник: The DairyNews
A new line for the production of powdered infant formulas has been created at Tsaritsynsky dairy plant, as well as lines for the production of vegetable, fruit, meat, meat and vegetable purees and juices have been modernized, writes The DairyNews with reference to the website of the mayor of Moscow.

‘Moscow is doing a lot to attract investment, import substitution, additional statuses of enterprises are being introduced, benefits are being provided for the payment of income tax, property tax, land tax. But, perhaps, the most important thing for enterprises is not only to have benefits, but to have stable guarantees that their products will be delivered and will be in demand. The federal law provides for such a scheme as offset transactions, contracts. Moscow is the undisputed leader in offset. Such contracts have been signed for 70 billion rubles, we are talking about obligations to purchase products in exchange for investments and the creation of import-substituting industries. In Moscow, there are contracts for the production of unique drugs for the treatment of cancer. And such a contract has been signed with Wimm-Bill-Dann for the supply of baby food,’ noted Sergey Sobyanin during a visit to the enterprise.

The offset contract signed by the Government of Moscow with the company Wimm-Bill-Dann for 10 years provides for the supply of 38 items of baby food for milk dispensaries, including milk, juices, fruit, vegetable, meat and meat-vegetable purees, cereals, cottage cheese, kefir and infant formula. Its total cost (the volume of product purchases) is 30.6 billion rubles. Investments in production will amount to 2.1 billion rubles.

As part of the implementation of the offset contract in 2020-2021, JSC Wimm-Bill-Dann invested 495 million rubles in the modernization of Tsaritsynsky dairy plant. At the expense of these funds:

- a new line for the production of powdered infant formula has been created (capacity - 16 million units per year) — the first production of such products in Moscow, previously powdered infant formula for dairy kitchens were purchased in other regions of Russia, as well as in Belarus;

- the line for the production of vegetable, fruit, meat and meat-vegetable purees has been modernized — its capacity has been increased by almost 70 percent (up to 75 million units per year);

- the juice production line has been modernized (capacity - 66.5 million units per year).

In addition, the company has invested 840 million rubles in the modernization of Lianozovsky dairy plant. As a result, a new juice production line was created, and the equipment of the dairy shop was updated.

Минфин внес в правительство РФ законопроект о введении прогрессивной шкалы НДФЛ. The DairyNews спросил у представителей отрасли и аналитиков, как введение новой системы НДФЛ может отразиться на работе бизнеса молочных предприятий. Эксперты считают, что значительных изменений для молочников ждать не стоит. При этом динамика роста зарплат в стране может снизиться, отмечают аналитики.
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