Natalia Utkina: unpreparedness of printing houses to label can put the ice cream industry at risk

Источник: The DairyNews
Natalia Utkina, chief technologist of the Union of ice cream producers of Russia, during an online meeting of the design and expert group on the labeling of dairy products, noted that the situation with unpreparedness of printing houses may jeopardize the issue of the industry's readiness for mandatory labeling since June 1, 2021, writes The DairyNews.

‘The unpreparedness of printing houses threatens the production of ice cream. Many manufacturers have between 150 and 300 SKUs. What 14 printing houses, what are you talking about? How can they print the required amount of packaging? This is a very serious problem! There are no printing houses - 14 will not be able to do it. Unilever alone normally places its packaging in 10 printing houses - only one of them is ready now. We are active only 100 days a year, on April 1, we must have printed packaging for June 1. The solutions that are offered by the integrators are applying the code to the reel, there is no reading from the finished product. Ice cream aggregation is a completely unrealized task. In fact, the ice cream remains without labeled packaging. How is it possible to get out of this situation?’ the industry representative asked.

The CATD, in turn, reminded that there is no need for mandatory aggregation yet and called on ice cream producers to provide a list of printing houses that are not ready for labeling. The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to report on the state of readiness of printing houses for labeling ice cream by April 1.

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