Natalia Mokrousova: Consumption of dairy products is stable even during the crisis

Источник: The DairyNews
Natalia Mokrousova, Deputy Director for production and commercial activities of Limited partnership Cheese Starodubsky, told The DairyNews that the demand for economy-class products in the country is currently increasing.

According to the expert, as for Limited partnership Cheese Starodubsky, the representatives of the company do not record problems with sales, since the company's assortment includes both budget and premium positions. However, in Russia as a whole, there is an increase in demand for economy-class products.

Natalia Mokrousova noted that consumption in the premium class is stable. There is no growth, but there is no sharp decline. According to the expert, the company is working on this direction, developing new packaging, and actively participating in various promotions, trying to promote the premium brand in all available ways.

- Taking into account the unstable situation around the world, it is difficult to talk about forecasts for the consumption of dairy products in 2021. However, since we represent the food industry that produces products of daily demand, as numerous crises show, we remain in a stable position and are not subject to various cataclysms, concluded Natalia Mokrousova.

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