Murmansk region bought Severomorsky dairy plant, which planned to close - Andrey Chibis

Murmansk region acquired a controlling stake in JSC Severomorsky dairy plant - SDP, Closed administrative-territorial entity Severomorsk, one of the largest dairy plants in the region - which was supposed to close on January 1, 2022, said Governor Andrey Chibis at a final press conference on Tuesday.

‘The acquisition of the dairy plant by Murmansk region has been completed. Yesterday, all registration actions took place,’ Chibis said, confirming that SDP became a part of the state regional unitary agricultural enterprise Tuloma.

On December 21, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Fisheries of the region informed Interfax about plans to buy out Severomorsky dairy plant, noting that the stake will be transferred to the operational management of Tuloma.

‘Within the framework of the agreements reached with the current owners of JSC Severomorsky dairy plant, the plant conservation measures were canceled, as well as the notifications on the reduction of employees were withdrawn,’ the ministry said. 

As reported, Severomorsky dairy plant, the largest producer of whole milk products in Murmansk region, planned to cease operations from January 1, 2022. The online store of Severomorsky dairy plant closed on December 1.

Governor of Murmansk region Andrey Chibis instructed to take measures to prevent the closure of Severomorsky dairy plant.

Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology and Fisheries of the region, Sergey Abarinov, explained that ‘now the enterprise cannot buy milk from other regions in the volume necessary to produce final products’ due to the rise in milk prices, and milk produced in Murmansk region is distributed among three enterprises: Severomorsky dairy plant, LLC Apatitsky dairy plant and State Regional Unitary Agricultural enterprise Tuloma. 

According to Abarinov, in January Severomorsky dairy plant should receive a federal subsidy in the amount of about 5 million rubles to compensate for the costs of mandatory labeling of dairy products. 

In turn, the governor proposed to study the possibility of paying the subsidy ahead of schedule - in December.

According to the SPARK-Interfax analytical system, at the end of 2018, the plant received a net profit of 15 million 302 thousand rubles, but in 2019 and 2020 it had a loss of 9 million 641 thousand rubles and 8 million 267 thousand rubles, respectively.

From the data of SPARK-Interfax, it follows that 63.5% of the shares of Severomorsky dairy plant belonged to deputy general director of SDP for development, former general director of SDP Igor Trubin. The share of 27.3% belonged to LLC Molochny dvor (Murmansk), which in turn is owned in equal shares by Trubin and chief accountant of SDP Svetlana Khazova. Trubin and Khazova are members of the Board of Directors of Severomorsky dairy plant. 

According to the website of Severomorsky dairy plant, the plant began operating in 1973 and was engaged in the production of milk and kefir. Currently, the plant produces more than 50 types of dairy products. 

Severomorsky dairy plant is the largest producer of whole milk products in Murmansk region, the plant accounts for more than 50% of production in the region and 34% of purchases of raw milk produced in the region. By the end of 2020, Severomorsky dairy plant produced 10 thousand 793 tons of products, which is 82.9% more than in 2019.  

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